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Copywriting for small business websites

You want to sound as smart as you look. Getting the message right and keeping people reading is key.

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Do copy right

Most people can write; emails, reports, proposals and Facebook posts. But do you know what it takes to write for your customers?

  • Do you know why people read your website? 
  • Do you know how to keep people reading after they have started? 
  • Do you know the impact of what you write on your rankings in Google?

Good Marketing Copy…

… is different from writing emails, proposals and Facebook posts. Good marketing copy keeps you reading, tells you what you are looking for and gets you to take action.

And it doesn’t happen by accident.

All good copywriting projects need to start with a messaging strategy.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

– Benjamin Franklin

We are flexible to your needs

Messaging Strategy

Who is your prospective customer? What do they want? What do you want them to do?

Answering these questions helps to formulate a plan that outlines what you want to say and how you want to say it.


Active customer focussed copy engages and prompts visitors to keep reading.

Couple this with the style of your business, SEO focussed keywords and a great website, and you have a winning formula.


SEO Copywriting

Primarily, your copy will be focussed on converting your customers to contact/order or book.

But infusing this copy with targeted keywords helps Google show your website to people searching for businesses like yours.


A second opinion

Talking with a professional marketer/copywriter is a great way to get a helicopter view of you business.

Get an outsiders point of view on how the rest of the world sees your business.


Messaging Asset

Your messaging strategy informs your website copywriting but also gives you the personality and approach for other marketing and advertising efforts.

Social Media Posts and Google Ads can all reference to this messaging.


When you are so passionate about what you do, you want every detail of your business to shine and show this. Never would I have thought my passion would be so visible through a website! But the team at First Reef made it happen and I am absolutely in love with it!

Their commitment and patience were clear from the beginning. They took the time to really understand what I do before they even asked what I wanted the website to look like and say.

I am confident the maintenance of my website is in safe hands for a very long time.

Thanks First Reef!

Farm Life Fitness Logo
Louise O'Neill

I am writing to provide a testimonial for the services that I received from First Reef Studio recently. I would not hesitate to recommend them for website support. I found them to be very professional and efficient. I really enjoyed that they communicated with me in a clear and simple way at each stage of the process that they were doing for my business.

They were very supportive and friendly and their services were priced very reasonably. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Aware parenting logo
Joss Goulden

The team at First Reef have been amazing when helping us develop our website. We were so impressed with the pricing, the quality of the final product, and their professional and friendly manner.

Nothing was too much trouble and they responded quickly to any requests and changes we had. We will definitely be using their services for the foreseeable future.

Albany Community Hospice Logo
Amanda Rose
Albany Community Hospice

It has been a fantastic experience to work with First Reef on our website. Conrad and Michael have been so supportive of our larger goals for this website from the start and responded so positively to our complex requirements.

They worked with us in a very professional and responsive way to fine tune the project. The end result is an elegant, very functional website that we are excited to launch.

Heartland Journeys Logo
Nicole Hodgson & Margaret Robertson
Heartland Journeys

Support / After care

24-hour response

We will respond to your questions, requests for help and feature requests within 24 hours.

Local Team with local business knowledge

Our team is based in Western Australia. Local business needs local knowledge.


Conversion focussed copy

Cute, clever copy is great but if it’s not backed up with a solid messaging strategy, it’s not doing its job.

Improve your SEO

Identifying and including keywords in your website copy is essential to perform in the seach engines.

Transferable Messaging

Good messaging and copy are transferable across your marketing and advertising platforms – in fact, it’s essential that you keep a consistent messaging strategy for all your outbound communications.

Writing about yourself is difficult

Left to their own devices, people will talk too much about themselves.

Your professional copywriter will instead focus on your customer and the benefits you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write my own website copy?

Yes! In fact, we even have template websites that will help guide you to write your own copy.

However, without training and experience developing messaging and copy, your website will not be as effective at converting customers to purchase from you.

Consider the time and effort you put into building the website and getting people to view it. Do you want them to stumble on the last hurdle?

Can you "fix up" my copy?

Without a good messaging strategy, you aren’t going to end up with good converting website copy, regardless of how much editing we do after the fact.

Because of this, we will not edit your copy outside of fixing spelling and grammatical errors.

Can I use the copy from my existing website?

This depends on how it was generated and if it works.

If you are convinced that it is good enough, we can use this for the development of your new website.

Can I use Artificial Intelligence to write my copy?

The rise of AI writing platforms has paved the way for many DIY copywriters to generate copy for their website, however…

In our experience, many of these platforms, although incredibly clever, are not a replacement for an experienced copywriter with a solid understanding of your customer’s needs. 

For fun, check out JasperAI, but be aware that Google says that using them in any capacity is considered spam and is not good for your website ranking.

Do you want to know more about developing a messaging strategy for your business?

We are ready to chat with you and give you more information on the process, costs and what you need to develop fantastic copy for your site.

So click the button below, book a call or pop into our office and let’s see if we can help you.